Freeride Deck Design

Freeride Boardshop has been a staple in the skate and snowboard community in the Okanagan for over a decade. In my design, I wanted to incorporate something that portrayed the longevity of the brand, the Ogopogo did just that.

Freeride Boardshop Deck Design

Freeride Boardshop Deck Design

With two locations in the Okanagan, Freeride Boardshop has been a staple in the Okanagan skate community for more than a decade now. My challenge as a designer was to incorporate that relevance of longevity into my design. I eventually chose to use the Ogopogo as my subject for illustration, because of its symbolism of the Okanagan and it’s unique character. I then coined the phrase “Freeride Boardshop, Lurking the Okanagan since 1992” to tie it all together.